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Google Doc to share ACT prep questions

Math Network September 21, 2016

Agenda and Links for this day found here

NeSA-M Alignment June 15, 2016

__NeSA-M Standards__ 2009 and 2015 vertical and horizontal formats
__Table of Specs__ for 2018 assessment
Crosswalks from DRC

Math Day Network September 27, 2015

Math Day Network March 19, 2014

Feedback from today.
Presentation from today Power Point PDF
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Next Sumdog contest March 28-April 3
Article about my nephew Kyle

Three Hole Problem
Growth Mind Set
Improving Student Mathematics Achievement
  • Sharing of strategies
  • C4L, "strategies" classes, keeping students on grade level
Ignite Presentations (5 minute planned participant presentations about an idea/strategy) 2-3 minutes processing at tables)
  • Addie—Interactive Notebooks and Pinterest
  • Sandi "The Simpsons and their Mathematical Secrets"
  • Ipad and math site sharing
Dan Meyer
Hash tags and twitter
Homework Alternatives

Design Mathematics Models
With MathDisk’s Math Builder tool, you can design mathematics models that your students can use online. You can also download the models and worksheets to use offline if you install the MiBook software on your desktop or on your Android or iOS device. If you don’t have time to create new materials, the MathDisk gallery has pages of models and worksheets from which you can choose. Everything in the gallery, like everything you create through MathDisk, can be downloaded and/or embedded into your website or blog.
Click Here to Visit Website
Click Here to Access Gallery

Math Day Network February 2, 2013

  • Quizlet.com
  • Go Low or Go home
  • Other homework alternatives
Catching Up or Leading the Way, American Education in the Age of Globalization
NESA-M Enhancements
  • What did you observe from looking at your data from the last year’s NESA-M assessment?
  • What are you doing differently this year to provide an increased opportunity for your students to improve?
  • Diagnosis, Prescription, Treatment
Homework Alternatives
Common Core
Homework Alternative
  • Wager Game
  • Round the Table
Considerations for Successful Group Work
App and Website sharing

As Time and Interest Permit by Participant Selection
Math RTI
  • What is it? Vocabulary and Resources
  • What is being done in your school?
C4L, Check for Learning
  • Update and hints
  • How are you using it?
  • Overview
  • How are you using it?
Flipped Classroom

Math Day Network February 2, 2012

Worlds of Fun Thrills This site has information and information about using math and physics at a theme park
Announcement: The Nebraska Mathematics Professional Development Series will be hosted at ESU #6 for the 2012-13 year. Dates will be October 23, November 13, February 12, and March 12. Registration information will be coming shortly.
Homework Alternatives
How are you using data to increase students' mathematics skills?
  • NeSA-M, MAP/NWEA, others
  • How are you placing students in specific courses or identifying students for extra help?
  • RTI for mathematics beginning in the fall
Vocabulary Activities
  • What strategies are you using to reinforce and build mathematics vocabulary skills?
  • Interaction sequence
  • Additions to Flash Card ideas
  • http://quizlet.com/
    • In the box, search for lennyvermaas
    • The search will ask are you looking for “quizlet user lennyvermaas?”
    • Click on my name and go to my set of cards
    • No cost for registration, $15 per year to add graphics
  • Vocabulary Ideas http://esu6vocabulary.wikispaces.com/Reinforcing+Taught+Words
Looking down the road, C4L, NeSA-M
Probability and Data Analysis
  • How are you helping students in probability and data analysis?
  • Think of the percentage of those problems on the NeSA-M and how your students might do on them.
  • This might be an area to focus some time that would produce higher scores.
Common Core
Vocabulary Games
  • Riddles
  • Analogies
Number Talk
  • Estimation and talking about number computation
Go Low or Go Home also linked at http://lenny-prob-stats.wikispaces.com/Statistics
  • From Dan Meyer, see blog post
  • video for instructions http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vinfm8Jz-LI&feature=youtube_gdata_player
  • pick a whole number, if your number is chosen by someone else the number is out, and low number wins.
  • create a distribution of numbers selected, provide data of mode, median, mean, range, box plot
  • play for a few days and have students discuss game strategy
  • play several days and create a distribution of numbers that win
  • does the strategy change if the winning student is awarded bonus point or money which match the winning number.

Math Day Network October 26, 2011

Introduction and Sharing
  • How did the NeSA-M testing go?
  • What did you do for NeSA-M prep?
  • What are your plans for this year?
Interaction Sequence
Lotus Chart—Algebra web site, activities,
Vocabulary—“Find a Match” and “What is My Number?”
Feedback Sheets
Vocabulary Introduction and Activities
Background knowledge
2012 testing
  • DAC—District Assessment Contact
  • March 26-May 4, 2012
  • Paper and pencil or online has already been decided
  • Schedule for the two day testing is developed locally
  • What can you do or not do? Pages 19-21 26-34 99-102 in SAA-8
Setting of Cut Scores and Establishing Scale Scores
Vocabulary Strategies Review
Chuck and Lenny—practice test, L to J quizzes, and graphics
Using Data to Improve Student Achievement
  • eDirect System from DRC (the company that does the NeSA testing
  • Statewide NeSA data can be analyzed and disaggregated at http://drs.education.ne.gov A similar site exist with data for each school which is accessible through the portal.
  • Samples of NeSA reports that are available http://www.education.ne.gov/assessment/NeSA_Reporting.htm
  • Several reports are available
  • NeSA-M high and low indicator collection
  • DAC—District Assessment Contact
  • DRS—Data Reporting System (public and private resource for drilling down into NeSA data)
Vocabulary Games
New Information
Vocabulary—Single Word Strategies
Common Core Standards